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Dear Members

As we approach the festive season, some of you may be considering loans to cover the cost of this period, we would like to take this opportunity for you, not to use pay day lenders i.e. the likes of Wonga etc. but to try the GMB’s Thorne Credit Union Money instead, because we think that you will be pleasantly surprised at our interest rates (Thorne Credit Union) compared to other pay day lenders.

To find out more phone 0161 4861777

TCU Money – best for GMB Members, their families and the community.

If you are fed up feeding the high street loan sharks with your hard earned cash and want a better deal for you and your community why not consider joining TCU money. Set up by GMB to provide much fairer financial services for our members and their Families, TCU Money is a democratic and ethical alternative to other high street financial organisations. Designed to help GMB Members and their families manage household budgets, TCU is run for the benefit Members and the wider community, with all profits re-invested.

TCU Money is the trading name of Thorne Credit Union and offers Members competitive rates invests in the GMB community by lending a proportion of Members deposits to other Members thereby ensuring a fair return for all Members. TCU is regulated by the FSA and all savings are fully guaranteed up to £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

So change the way you arrange your financial services and generate a financial and social return for your family and the wider GMB community.

Join TCU Money in its on0going campaign for greater financial inclusion through the provision of simply, secure, sociallky responsible financial services.

TCU assesses individual circumstances and includes length of Membership of both the GMB and TCU as a criteria which may be rewarded through lower interest rates and TCU Members have exclusive access to a competitive range of Member loan.

Benefits of Membership also include a deposit of £5 to new junior accounts to encourage your children or grandchildren to save and our Member gets Member scheme gives you £10 for every new account opened by someone you introduce.



For more information about Thorne Credit Union Money go into


Posted: 11th November 2014

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